lopezi Client

Lopezi landed a collaboration to support the development of Lufthansa mobile browser application.


lopezi Blockchain

Devcon3 was a mind-blowing event with unprecedented networking. Thank you to the Ethereum Foundation.


lopezi Blockchain

Munich – September 23rd 2017 lopezi to attend ETHWaterloo, the World’s Largest Ethereum Hackathon. We want to learn how to build the decentralized future by joining other 300 ambitious developers for the opportunity to work alongside the inventors of Ethereum at a 36-hour hackathon. More info:

Technological and legal aspects of the blockchain

lopezi Blockchain

Post-internet era? One can see the blockchain as an immutable open source database. A collection of data that is recorded and verified by multiple people.  This sometimes called Trusted Protocol  or Worldwide Ledger promises to revolutionise multiple industries and mark a new era on the internet. From financial services to insurance, stock markets and governments, democracy itself or property registry, …

Blockchain camp

lopezi Blockchain

lopezi to participate in the 5 week virtual accelerator hackaton on the ethereum blockchain. We find a great potential in blockchain and this participation will set the base for our approach to this technology.

Website update

lopezi Marketing

We launched a considerable update on our website. The aim is to provide a clearer picture of our services to our clients. What you see is what you get

Mobile friendly tool

lopezi SEO

Google gives web content ready for mobile devices a better ranking. You can test your website here.

So long E.ON

lopezi Marketing

lopezi finished the E.ON project. There is only thing left to say: thank you.

Uniper collaboration

lopezi Client

lopezi wins a collaboration with Uniper related to the frontend development of one application to reserve large quantities of energy. Further developments in our press release.

And the Winner is…

lopezi Marketing

SYSTEMISCHER COACH After one month of competition the winner of Win One Website is Henning Fischer, owner of SYSTEMISCHER COACH. Thank you to all participants and particularly to Christiane Lesch for the continuous support and motivation. We which plenty of success to everybody.