Win One Website

lopezi Marketing

The design agency l○pezi launches an online competition where young companies and startups are invited to submit a creative statement and one photo or video under the motto – “Win one website – What are you fighting for”. Participants are invited to submit their ideas from September 8th until October 5th.

From September 8th until October 5th participants can submit their creative ideas in order to gain a complete website including concept, design and development in the value of 2,970 EUR.

Under this period, 3 finalists will be nominated through a public crowd voting. The most creative ideas will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At October 8th, the winner will be nominated on the Grow2Gather event by anonymous voting. Everyone on the Grow2Gather event is eligible to vote with exception of the finalists themselves.

We particularly invite young entrepreneurs, startups, artists, designers, architects, small and medium-sized companies to submit their creative statements with photos or video at

Deadline for submissions is 5 October 2014th.